Design Like a Pro with Canva

How to design Canva pins without having them look like Canva
Design Like a Pro with Canva - Introduction
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Lesson 1 - Mockups & Flat Lays
5 mins
Flat Lays Made with
8 mins
Lesson 2 - Adding Gradients & Shadow boxes to your pins
4 mins
Shadow Box
6 mins
Lesson 3 - Fun with Letters & Images
How to create drop shadows on letters and
13 mins
Creating Fun
6 mins
Lesson 4 - Bringing it all together
Course Update
How to Save a Single Pin from the Template Package
238 KB
Putting It All
15 mins
Canva Goodies
Canva Pinterest Pin Templates
Creative Elements
Bonus Lesson
How to Use Paid Templates for
5 mins