Make It Happen with FOCUS

The Power of Properly Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Too often we just go through the motions in life. We head to a job that makes us unhappy because we see no way out. We live in an area that stifles us in so many ways. We forgot the drive and passion we had in our youth.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we settle for OK instead of striving for spectacular? 

But you are here which means you are NOT settling! You are ready to make a change!

What is Make It Happen with FOCUS? 

I have built this course to help you not only set goals but to achieve them! 

In this 5-part course (delivered weekly) you will:

  • Find Your Purpose (your WHY)
  • Organize Your Priorities
  • Circle In On Your Goals
  • Understand Actions Lead to Positive Results
  • Success is Within Your Reach
You will find your FOCUS!

What is included in the course?

Each week you will receive an ebook and a workbook. Each lesson will only take about an hour to complete but will require some deep thinking on your part. This is why I have designed the course to drip to you on a weekly basis. To really implement each lesson, you shouldn't rush. 

You also have FREE access to the Facebook group where you will receive motivation and question and answer time with me! We are all on this journey together!

Join the Facebook group HERE.

A description of the lessons included:

Lesson 1 - Finding Your Purpose!
- In this lesson, you will discover your WHY and the reason knowing your WHY is important to you when setting and achieving your goals. 

Lesson 2 - Organizing Your Priorities!
- In this lesson, you will get your hopes and dreams out and learn how to prioritize them. 

Lesson 3 - Circle In on Your Goals!
- In this lesson, you will identify your goals and set timelines. 

Lesson 4 - Understand Actions Lead to Positive Results!
- In this lesson, you will set your action steps to help you achieve your goals. 

Lesson 5 - Success Is Within Your Reach!
- In this lesson, you will learn to move forward with your goals and achieve them.

Let's get started and Make It Happen with FOCUS!

Make It Happen with FOCUS: The Power of Properly Setting and Achieving Your Goals

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